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The event beyond the event.


The spaces set up in safety, the audio and video equipment already present and the 100 Mb symmetrical optical fiber, are the essential condition for any hybrid event.

Audio-Video Conference

Connecting from any Spazio Cairoli room to an IP / IP videoconferencing system is always possible with our Polycom audio and videoconference systems already in house.

Ideal for small meetings, with file sharing and presentations, videoconferencing is only possible between two remote points (one to one).

Virtual Room & Webinar

The forced digitization of physical events has produced new technologies and increasingly complete and performing platforms to share an event in presence with a remote audience made up of other speakers and participants.

With a 100MB symmetrical bandwidth, Spazio Cairoli guarantees excellent connection quality and, thanks to its technical partners, the best solution for all your needs.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming refers to online streaming, recorded and transmitted in real time to the viewer.

This is why it is one of the most effective tools for a “video oriented social marketing” strategy for your event, especially if integrated with videoconferencing and webinar techniques.

Let's organize your Hybrid Event together.